Cockney LizCockney Liz arrived in the gold fields in 1886 in search of her fiancé who had come to seek his fortune. Her dreams were shattered when she found out that he had been killed- she was destitute and turned to prostitution to supplement her meagre income as a barmaid and entertainer. She became famous for auctioneering herself off to the highest bidder and soon raised enough money to buy the Red Light Canteen and build the Royal Albert Hall but disappeared from the gold fields as suddenly as she had appeared, leaving many unanswered questions behind...

Through the ‘Wild Card’ series, the Sabie Brewing Company commemorates Cockney Liz’s somewhat impulsive, sometimes unpredictable temperament with a new style of beer being produced with each new batch. Only the brewer knows what will come next.....




The Cockney Liz Wild Card on tap is Sabie River Light Lager

ABV: 1.1% IBU: 14.9

Water originating from the upper catchment of the Sabie River has excellent water chemistry characteristics ideal for light lagers.  This great tasting, easy drinking pale lager is designed for the health conscious consumer or dedicated driver.

Ingredients: Water, Malted barley, Hops & Yeast
Naturally-brewed / unfiltered / unpasteurised