Take a tour of the brewery and discover how beer is made from basic key ingredients into the six brews available at the Sabie Brewing Company.

The tour starts in the grain room. Here you will see bags of grain and a grain mill …

... then the doors of the brewery swing open, and you are greeted by the sight of giant stainless steel tanks. On your right is the mash tun, where maize, malt and water are mixed.

From here, the mash is sent to the mash lauter tun (lauter is the German word for “separate”), where the malt is separated from the liquid. The spent malt (also known as grist) is used as animal feed and also in the bread and buns served in the restaurant – there is no wastage at the Sabie Brewing Company.

Brewery3The next step in the process involves transferring the beer (is it beer now) to the conditioning tanks.

After the tour comes to an end, you have the chance to taste the six beers on offer at the Sabie Brewing Company.

What’s your favourite....


Cost: R150 per person, including a beer-tasting platter (kiddies are free, but cannot indulge in a platter)

Booking essential. PLEASE NOTE: no brewery tours on production days. So while brewing is in process, you will not be allowed to book a tour. Brewing takes place on about 6 days in every month. Ideally brewery tours should be a minimum of 4 people.

For more information, call 013 764 1005 or email manager@sabiebrewery.com